Domenico Fragomeni opened his tailor shop on one of the most prestigious streets of the city.

His attention to detail and well-know expertise allowed him to give life to a prolific and long-lasting professional business activity, meeting the approval of a select clientele.


Giovambattista, soom becomes impassioned for his uncle Domenico’s shop,

In fact, at just 9 years of age, he spends entire days between basting and rolls of thread, precociously learning the secrets of tailoring.

The approach to the basics of the profession and the opportunity to closely observe the different styles, cutting techniques and the strict material selection will be consolidated in the years to come, in the actual and recognized know-how.



Here, in this city, is where Giovambattista further refines his training.

It is precisely in the Venetian province of culinary excellence that the willingness and guidance of Sante Callegari allowed Giovambattista to become his youngest student. After having graduated with honors, he is ready for the big leap: starting his own career in fashion and specializing in producing custom-made suits for men.


The project started 50 years ago, and it has been realized and completed in Padua in 2016, the city that hosted the first Fragomeni atelier.

After ten years, the activity has become one of the most important point of interest for the style and the haute-couture for men.



Andrea, Giovanbattista’s son, shares his uncle’s passion of Domenico.

The perfect combination between past and future generations, has permitted to Fragomeni brand to be a must have for the lovers of haute-couture’s quality products, made in Italy.

The attention for the selections of resources, the design of the project, we are constantly evolving, searching for new solutions to provide customer satisfaction; this describes perfectly Fragomeni’s philosophy, the definitive expression of the mode of tomorrow.